Warmies Large 13" Elephant Soft Toy

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♥ Lavender Scented ♥ Microwavable ♥ Large Size Cozy Plush

The new warmies collection brings you this special cozy plush Elephant microwavable toy.

A warm, sweet smelling animal friend to cuddle during the night, she makes going to bed nice and early entirely more appealing to little ones and with her realistic features she's perfect for any wildlife or animal lover!

Made from super soft fluffy faux fur, the toy is filled with natural grain and gently scented with fragrant French lavender to help your child feel soothed and relaxed.

Cozy plush Elephant is fully microwavable; no removable wheat bag so is quick and easy to prepare for use. She incorporates adorability with warm practicality and is a wonderful personal warmer on chilly nights and wintry days, a comforter and soother when suffering everyday ailments and also encourages more restful sleep

Microwavable toys are a safer for children alternative to traditional hot water bottles, as there's no risk of leakage or scalding; they make ideal slumber time companions for children and adults too, and can be used unheated as regular soft toys.

Simply pop cozy plush Elephant in the microwave to heat her up and release the wonderfully calming lavender aroma and relaxing warmth for up to 2 hours. 

Easy to Use

First ensure the turntable is clean and rotating freely and place the whole toy inside the microwave ensuring the filling is evenly distributed and place a half-filled cup of water in the microwave also. 

Heat for 90 seconds or as per provided instructions for different wattage ovens. If it feels too cool for your needs warm again in increments, of 15 seconds at a time. Once the desired temperature is reached, allow to cool for 30 seconds before use and allow to cool fully before reheating again. 

Product Overview

♥ Size: 33cm x 22cm approx

♥ Fragrance: lavender

♥ Material: faux fur

♥ Filling: wheat grains

♥ Care: surface clean regularly with a lightly damp cloth, allow to dry at room temperature. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.

♥ Expected Life: 3 years + 

♥ Certification: British Safety Standard BS8433:2004 | EN71-1/2/3 | ASTM-f963

♥ Packaging: unpackaged with swing tag

Cozy plush Elephant makes a wonderful gift for a loved one or a cosy companion for yourself. 

Sensible Precautions

DO NOT - exceed heating times stated on instructions | leave unattended whilst heating | allow use by unsupervised children | use if there is evidence of discolouration or charring | use as a bed warmer or under blankets | fully reheat until it has completely cooled to room temperature (up to 2 hours)

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