Wish box ideas: Bloom your happiness wishes

Wish box ideas: Bloom your happiness wishes

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A sweet little box with all the necessities to make wishes come true … In ‘Bloom your happiness wishes’ there is a tube with 3 happiness beans. Three beans that make three wishes come true 🙂

But what can you do with those beans? Very simple … Add water to the coconut earth tablet and put the soil in the Kop! seed pot. Make a small hole in the earth and place the wish bean on the earth. Give a little water every 3 days and after a little week you will see your wish grow. The best thing about this wish is that the bean text will remain on the first leaves of the plant 🙂

A gift that you will enjoy for a long time because the plant grows and continues to grow … 1 seed pot – coconut swelling tablet – 1 tube with 3 beans – instructions for use.

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