Number Flash Cards (6+ Months)

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Introduce Numbers to your little one using our fun and colourful text and pictorial Number Collection. Our Number Flashcards are aimed to help your little one develop a love and interest of numbers by helping them learn and understand through playful numeracy activities.

Not only are our Number Flashcards designed with both number symbols and spelling of each number, but also contains equation cards and 10 matching animal cards, perfect for playing snap, sequencing, counting and matching games.

Our collection of Number Flashcards are designed to grow with your child’s personal development and understanding of numeracy. Whether they are just starting to learn and take in interest in numbers and counting, or have moved onto building some basic equations, our Number Collection has you covered!

Your Number Development Flashcards come with:

• 10 x Number symbol & letter flashcards (A6 size on thick, 350gsm card)
• 10 x Animal flashcards to match to the number cards (A6 size on thick, 350gsm card)
• Fully printed, memorable keep safe tuck box
• Made & printed in the UK
• All designs & illustrations by Priya & Peanut

Why not trying these fun activities:

1 - Learning your first numbers counting from zero to ten
2 – Matching the Animal Cards to the Number Cards
3 – Playing Snap with the Animal & Number Cards

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