Lili Pendant Light in White

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    • Handmade
    • Materials: Ceramic, fibreglass, metal, plastic
    • Height: 205 millimetres
    • Width: 235 millimetres
    • Depth: 120 millimetres

Lili Lamps is Danish design produced in eco friendly materials near you, for the benefit both your community and environment.

W H Y - L I L I - L A M P S

+ You support businesses near you, as all is made and sourced in your area.
+ You lower emissions, as distances are kept to a minimum.
+ It lasts you several lifetimes, as all parts can be reused or repurposed.
+ It is good for your environment, as all materials are made from renewable resources and will degrade in an industrial compost.
+ You support the actual designer and manufacturer, as there is no store or stock to be paid for.
+ You own a piece of the future, as most parts are 3d printed.

I N - T H E - P A C K A G E

+ Lamp shade with integrated mounting system made in eco friendly materials
+ A cord with dimmer or switch (CE or UL certified)
+ A LED Bulb with a nice warm hue.
+ A letter of appreciation with care instructions

Delivery : 7 working days